Area 17 WIB Sub-Committees

Bylaws Committee
The Bylaws Committee regularly reviews the Bylaws of the Workforce Investment Board of Mahoning & Columbiana Counties. When questions arise pertaining to bylaws or parliamentary procedure, the Committee reviews the bylaws and makes recommendations accordingly.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee reviews Workforce Investment Board (WIB) membership for attendance, makes recommendations to the WIB Executive Committee regarding removal and nominations accordingly, and provides support to new, as well as current, members as they are introduced to the WIB.

One-Stop Committee
The One-Stop Committee includes all partner organizations. They are responsible for making recommendations to the WIB regarding all aspects of the One-Stop system including additional requests for partnership, service delivery, marketing, business outreach, facilities, safety and technology.

Planning & Monitoring Committee
The Planning & Monitoring Committee is responsible for monitoring fiscal and programmatic compliance with laws and regulations. Furthermore, this committee is responsible for the development and oversight of the Area 17 Business Plan.

Youth Council
he Youth Council should include members of the local WIB with special interest or expertise in youth policy. The duties of the Youth Council include developing portions of the local plan relating to eligible youth, as determined by the chairperson of the local board, making recommendations to the full board regarding eligible providers of youth activities to be awarded grants or contracts and conducting oversight of such providers, and coordinating youth activities.  For additonal information regarding the Youth Council, please click here.